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    Friday, 15 March 2013

    How can I connect the USB flash drive in Nexus 7 / Galaxy Nexus / Xoom without rooting


    Nexus 7 is a great little device from Google. But it comes with 8GB and 16GB versions for now. He has no microSD card slot, so you can not download. If you want to extend the storage for Nexus 7, you can connect and access USB flash drive as Nexus 7 has USB OTG (On The Go) function.


    USB Drive for Nexus 7 via a USB OTG
    1. You must have the USB OTG adapter. It costs about $ 1. You can buy USB OTG  Amazon. You can connect via USB drive and surf as Nexus 7 acts as USB Host with OTG cable.

    2. You also need to download and install on your Nexus Nexus Media Importer 7 Play Google Store. It costs $ 3 dollars. Using this Android app, you can access and stream media like music and videos from a USB flash drive. You have read-only access. You can not write or copy to USB stick. Whether this Android app first try without buying, you can free Google Nexus PhotoViewer Store Play.

    You do not have to twist Nexus 7 to USB drive using this Android app. If you want to save the files to the USB drive, you should use Nexus 7 and pole mount root android app.

    this Android app to work, you need USB stick formatted in FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS. exFAT is not supported.


    SD card reader or SD card to connect Nexus 7
    You can use microSD card reader SD card reader or USB flash drive the same as above. Make sure your SD card in the card reader first. More instructions are available in the Android app page.


    Connecting the camera to Nexus 7
    You can connect and access files on cameras like the Canon or Nikon. You must follow the same procedure above USB flash drive. You need a USB OTG and top android app.


    external hard disk drive (HDD) for Nexus 7
    You can access the external hard drives as they are driven by their own power. You must follow the same procedure above USB flash drive. Seems WD My Passport work with up to 1TB of storage.

    OTG USB cable is connected to the Nexus 7, you can access most mass storage devices USB, including USB flash drives, card readers, cameras, external hard drives, etc.

    Nexus Media Importer android app also works with other devices like the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Nexus, etc. You can also connect the USB disk Xoom and Galaxy Nexus.

    Additionally, as disk connected to the USB stick Nexus 7 using Monte

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    Johnson said...

    Very informative information. Thanks again another new and update post about how to connect USB flash drives in nexus 7.

    Thanking you.