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    Tuesday, 19 March 2013

    How to make unlimited international calls to mobile phones using WiFi


    I was looking for a way to unlimited international calling to landlines and mobile to a fixed amount per month via Wi-Fi to do. I do not use my mobile minutes.

    There are many Wi-Fi calling android applications like Skype, Viber, etc. kakao that allow you to make free calls. The only thing is the caller and receiver must be registered with the application, or on your phone or computer.

    If you’re looking for international calls through Wi-Fi on your smartphone without using cellular minutes, it seems that there are not many options.

    Vonage Vonage

    has extensions for both Android and iOS. If you plan Vonage, Vonage can even plan to use from your smart phone such as iPhone or Android phone.

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    Skype Skype Mobile on Verizon with unlimited Skype to Skype calls without using a mobile plan minutes Verizon network. You can make international calls with Skype Credit.

    How to make unlimited calls without using cellular minutes? Learn to make a call from Nexus 7/10

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    simplecall said...

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    simplecall said...

    I am living in Australia But mostly I use to make international calls for my personal as well as for business purpose. So can anyone suggest me how to make Cheap international calls It would be help full for me.

    Jerick Wolford said...

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    jenny said...

    Thank God I don’t have any information that is there any app available and I have been using BB for years Thank for this great apps, I have a preposterous of free data every month with my contract so my partner and I will give it a go
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    jnnydeep said...

    viber is best for this to make unlimited international calls any where
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    jenny said...

    070 Mobile numbers are used for forwarding calls on your landline or mobile. 070 number is a virtual number through which you can hide the actual phone number being called.
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    jnnydeep said...

    Make free international calls from your UK mobile to Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and countless other destinations using your inclusive minutes with IICalls. Use your O2, Orange and Tmobile to make free international calls.
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    Aalia Babe said...

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