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    Wednesday, 13 March 2013

    How to recover deleted files / pictures / data restore Android internal memory or SD card

    announcement are your files or photos accidentally on your Android phone or tablet. You should delete them or formatted or restart your Android device to factory settings. You may have unlocked bootloader that would have deleted data android. You can retrieve deleted photos or documents Android smartphone or tablet?

    your deleted photos or data could be in phone memory Android internal or SD card. It’s usually the front to retrieve the lost data if your data on the SD card. That would be like repairing the hard drive of the laptop. One of the things you should do to remember when you try to recover lost data is, you should not create or copy data to new Android device, you can replace your lost data. Also, you need to restore data on a separate drive or location possible.

    How to recover deleted files / retrieve data from Android phone or tablet with android applications
    There are some Android apps that you can try to recover lost data, such as videos, photos, files etc. Most of these applications require your Android device anchored.

    1. Hexamob Recovery Lite supports vfat, ext2, ext3, ext4 file types. This Android app requires your Android device to be docked. You need full recovery pro version used to recover deleted files for Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones to use. You can retrieve any type of data using this Android app.

    2. Undelete for Root Users are free android android to recover deleted files from the internal memory or SD card. It supports FAT format. You can restore image files with free application. If you use other file restore, you need to buy Key Undelete. She worked at Sony Xperia, Driod Razr, HTC Evo game comments by Google.

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    3. DiskDigger android app allows you to recover deleted photos or images of android internal memory or SD card. You can even send photos restored. This application also requires root access. You can restore photos, even if the memory card is formatted. This application works on the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus according to comments on the Google Store Play.

    As a bonus tip, you can make use of dumpster trash android app on your phone or tablet. All deleted files go to trash the same garbage from your computer. You can restore audio, video, image files, contacts, SMS messages directly from the trash. You do not need to root your Android device to use this application.

    How to recover deleted files / data from Android phone or tablet sd card repair using desktop software
    If the lost data from SD cards, you can use the desktop software to recover deleted files for recover. Just SD card into your computer or laptop. He appears as a unit. You can scan for SD undelete files. You can use this technique to recover files from camera SD card, SD Card camcorders, MP3 players or any other SD card or USB stick, etc.

    1. Wondershare Data Recovery for Android can recover any type of file, like photos, videos, audio, PDF files, documents, etc. You must install the software on your computer and your Android phone to connect to the computer to scan for deleted files the phone SD card.

    2. Recuva is a file recovery software. This software is made by the same people who made popular software CCleaner. It works on most Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, Windows 7. You can even use damaged or formatted drives or SD cards.

    How to recover deleted files / data from Android phone or tablet internal memory restore
    You can try the above Android applications in a lost files to restore. If you can not use them on your Android phone or tablet devices like the Nexus, you can try to store internal data manually, as described in xda repair site.

    This process involves pouring the entire internal memory or storage. RAW file converted to the VHD file. You can mount the VHD file as a drive and scan for deleted files. You must twist your Android device, and install software to run as explained.

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    Angela Katery said...

    I'd recommend that you try this android data recovery guide that helped me before.

    good luck!

    bobbybrend said...

    Firstly, stop use your Android device for any new things, then use the Android Data Recovery tool to recover deleted files on Android.
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    Jimmy Johns said...

    Deleted text messages in iPhone 4S, and would very much like to get them back? This iPhone SMS Recovery utility can help you Recover Deleted Text Messages iPhone swiftly and completely.

    abmy said...


    Well my problem is that I deleted the folder when I had connected my phone to the computer!! I had connected the phone to wire some music, but i accidentally deleted the mnt folder.. Now i have lost everything, and i dunno how to get it back .. I didnt know i had delted the interneal SD card.. I have a One X with the newest update installed.

    thornton gordon said...

    Accidentally deleted photos from Samsung GALAXY? Lost important contacts from Samsung GALAXY? Don't worry. This video tutorial will show you the easiest way to get back the lost messages, contacts, photos and videos from your Samsung GALAXY S3.

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    MN Samuels said...

    Now I am feeling relax, after reading your article. It seems like I can resolve my data recovery problems from Android phone. Some days before I came across Remo Recover Android tool and it was providing the facility that we can create SD card replica image for recovery at later stage. So just tell me, does your tool give that facility or not?

    shaa said...

    I'd like to share my experience,

    If the card is in the process of formatting, and you realize it, don't yank the card out as this may cause total data corruption on the card and make recovery less likely. Let it actually finish the format finish as once it's begun, it usually only tells the card's file system that space occupied by the previous data is now free to be overwritten, rather than actually erasing the files.

    Second, Now that you have your SD card write protected, you'll need an SD card reader. This can be the camera itself connected to the computer via a USB cable, then try Vibosoft Card Data Recovery, I used it, works well, here is the guide: How to recover data from formatted SD card for Android phone

    Unknown said...

    You can only recover if you have a rooted / unlocked phone, or you have SD as storage, if you use internal storage (nexus 4) you cannot recover without being root.

    庄继华 said...

    here I give you a website and you can learn how to recover your pictures on your own.