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    Sunday, 10 March 2013

    How to transfer contacts to Windows Phone 8 as Lumia 920, HTC etc 8X

    ad you have a new Windows Phone 8 as Nokia Lumia or HTC Windows Phone 8X. The first thing is to get the contacts from your old phone to the new Windows Phone 8. It has never been easier to make contacts easily transfer your phone.

    contacts transfer to the new Windows Phone 8 as Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 810, 822 or HTC 8x usually depends on where you are now contacts. Your contacts can be an Android phone, iPhone, Windows Phone old, Blackberry, stupid old phone to the SIM card.

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    How to transfer contacts from phone to Android Phone Window 8
    1. Your contacts can be in your Gmail account from Google, if you are using Android phone. If you do not have contacts in Gmail, read below for contacts to Gmail from Android phone.

    2. On your Windows Phone 8, Flick left to app list. Go to Settings> Email & Accounts> Add Account> Add Google Gmail account. That’s it. Your contacts are synchronized with Windows Phone 8 now.

    How to transfer iPhone contacts to Windows Phone 8
    1. If your contacts and phone numbers on the iPhone, you can sync accounts with Hotmail or Outlook using iTunes. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Click on the tab> Sync contacts and select Hotmail. Your contacts are displayed in your Windows Phone 8, if you use the same account of Microsoft.

    2. If you do not use the same account on your Microsoft Windows Phone 8, flick left to the App List. Go to Settings> Email & Accounts> Add Account> Add Account Hotmail or Outlook. Your contacts are synced to your phone

    How to transfer contacts from the old to the new Windows Phone Windows Phone 8
    If you have Windows Phone old, your contacts must be on the Microsoft account. If you use the same account of Microsoft, you should sync your contacts with the new Windows Phone 8 automatically.

    How to transfer contacts from BlackBerry to Windows Phone 8
    You need BlackBerry contacts to your Gmail account with Google Sync application on your BlackBerry. Go to m.google.com / sync on blackberry browser and download and install Google Sync. Open the application to access your Gmail account, sync your contacts to Gmail.

    You can follow the instructions to export contacts from Google account and import them into Windows Phone 8

    How to transfer Outlook contacts to Windows Phone 8
    Your contacts could in Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. Open Outlook or Outlook Express on your computer, click File> Import and Export> Comma Separated Values ​​(Windows)> Select Contacts> Export to a file.

    You can find instructions at the end of this article for this CSV file in Microsoft account. That’s it.

    How to transfer contacts to Windows Phone 8 via SIM card
    If your contacts and phone numbers on your old phone, you can copy them to the SIM card and use this card YES to your new Windows Phone 8 to transfer contacts.

    Go to Contacts on your old phone options> Mark or Mark The individual> select Copy to SIM SIM> for your new phone> Go to Contacts> Options contacts in the phone memory.

    Getting contacts into Gmail from an Android phone like Galaxy S2, S3, etc. Nexus
    If your old phone is an Android phone, you have all your contacts with Google account Gmail account.

    1. Go to gmail> click on the name “Gmail”> select Contacts. If your contacts here, you can easily export.

    2. If you do not see one of your contacts to Google Gmail account, you can try to sync contacts to Gmail. On your Android phone, go to Settings> Accounts> Google Account Contacts> Sync. Make sure you have contacts in your Gmail account now. Did not work for me for some reason. If synchronization does not work for you, you can use contacts to Gmail manually following the instructions below.

    on your Android phone, go to Applications> Contacts> Contacts tab at the top, if not selected> Tap Tap Menu> Import / Export> Export to Touch USB storage> tap OK When he asks to export contacts / mnt/sdcard/00001.vcf

    All your contacts are now on file vcf. Open File Explorer ES File Explorer as an application on your Android phone> press time the VCF File> Share> vcf download to your computer.

    You can import this file into Gmail. Log into your Gmail account. go to contacts, as shown below to import contacts.


    Gmail contacts
    You can export your contacts from Gmail Export account with Outlook CSV file by clicking Export contacts, as shown in the image above.
    Make sure Outlook CSV format to select. You use this exported file below to download Microsoft account.

    How to import contacts into Microsoft Outlook account to Windows Phone 8
    Now you have the Outlook CSV file with contacts. You can easily import contacts into account Microsoft. It’s the same as Microsoft’s Hotmail, Xbox, Windows Live ID or New Outlook account.

    1. Skip to Outlook on your computer and log on with user name and password you want to use on your Windows Phone 8.

    2. Click the down arrow next to the Outlook, as shown in the illustration. Click Persons

    3. On the next screen, click Import File. Select “Choose File” and browse to the CSV file. Click “Import Contacts”.

    That’s it. Your contacts should now appear on your Windows Phone 8. You must be using the same account on your Windows Phone 8 as Microsoft or Nokia Lumia Windows Phone HTC 8X etc.

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    Sujit said...


    This doesn't work for contacts that have a number stored as iPhone in the iPhone. I mean in an iPhone a contact have a Home number, work number, Mobile Number and iPhone number as well. This iPhone number is not going to HTC 8X phone by any means.

    Any suggestion ?